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Headquarters: Sydney, NSW URL: https://hometime.io Hometime is leading the charge for the short-term rental management industry. We’re leveraging technology to streamline an operationally intensive business. We’re looking for awesome Engineers to help evolve our technology and enable us to grow at an even faster rate. As a Senior Software Engineer, your work will have a direct impact on Hometime’s business. You’ll collaborate directly with both technical and business owners, to come to key decisions that ensures engineering initiatives are aligned with the business objectives. We expect you to be a well-rounded person where you’re equally comfortable engaging the Engineering Team in technical discussions, while being able to articulate these topics to our non-technical teams. Responsibilities you’ll have from day one: Design and develop technical solutions to support Hometime’s business operations. Work closely with Project Managers, Product Managers, and business stakeholders throughout the entire organization in gathering requirements, specifications, and use cases for designated projects. Lead projects and initiatives with different and competing timelines and requirements. Work with limited direction in a fluid environment while exceeding delivery expectations and service level. Ongoing maintenance of the existing and future platform. Perform peer code review, and contribute in constantly improving the development process. Foster a transparent and collaborative environment within the development team and throughout the entire organization. The experiences and expertise we’re looking for: 5+ years with Ruby on Rails building enterprise applications. Experience with using React with Rails. Strong Javascript skills. Node experience is a plus. Remote work experience. Shout out if you have the following: Knowledge of Airbnb whether it be as a host, guest, or general industry knowledge. Previous experience developing for the real estate industry. How we work: We’re based in Sydney with teams throughout Australia supporting our different markets. We also have great teammates located across the globe. We practice transparency and collaboration in our daily work with our co-founders leading the charge. We strive to build a culture that fully empowers our people to do their best work. To apply: Please send your CV to jobs@hometime.ioRuby on Rails React Javascript Node

FlyData Inc.

Headquarters: Suunyvale, CA URL: http://www.flydata.com/ FlyData is looking for an extremely talented software developer to help bring our flagship service FlyData Sync to the next level.  We are an engineering-driven organization that values developers who are enjoy programming, place importance on code quality, and above all seeks to create the best user experience possible.  On the backend team, you'll work with our extremely talented developers to implement features to meet customer needs, identify and improve the system's scalability bottlenecks, review and automate our architecture, and other tasks defined by our Software Engineering Lead.Our team is collaborative, communicative and is very mindful of our developer's work-life balance as we believe your creativity is maximized when your control your own cadence and are comfortable and refreshed. ABOUT YOU You understand how to develop a fault tolerant system in which no data inconsistency happens no matter what kind of failures occurs with the system.  You are able to listen to our user's feedback, provide user empathy and improve the service in a rapid fashion. You will work with fellow developers, discuss designs and give guidance to junior developers.  You're an excellent troubleshooter, who follows best practices, and has a passion for clean, readable, and maintainable code. Responsibilities: Design and implement features of a multi-tier, client-server system written in Ruby Play a critical role in all architecture, coding, testing, and deployment decisions Be a part of support on-call rotation and fix issues & inefficiencies Write automated tests (RSpec) for all services Requirements: 5+ years experience developing large scale backend systems Experience in writing web applications using Ruby on Rails Working knowledge of relational database and SQL, especially in terms of performance tuning Battle-tested troubleshooting experience on Linux Familiar with git and GitFlow Experience done Agile/Scrum methodology and CI/CD Experience working in a remote/distributed team model Nice to Haves: Experience in writing performance critical C++ code Working experience of MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Amazon Redshift You must be located in the US and a US Citizen or right to work in the US To apply: We'd appreciate if you could write us a note sharing why you're interested in this role with FlyData along with your Resume, GitHub, and LinkedIn Profile to james@flydata.com (Again, you must be located in the US and a US Citizen or right to work in the US)Ruby Ruby on Rails SQL C MySQL


Headquarters: Sydney, Australia URL: https://qwilr.com/jobs/ Click here to see Job as a Qwilr Page (It's much nicer) Hello! We're Qwilr 🙂 We spend our time reimagining the way people and businesses communicate with the world. We help anyone make beautiful, intuitive documents that look impressive and integrate seamlessly with their business. Our mission is to build the most effective way to communicate on the web - simply, creatively and efficiently. We make design and technology easy and enjoyable to use, so that everyone can always represent their best professional self. Software Engineering @ QwilrWe see great engineering as the reduction of complex things into simple things. These initial complexities might include code, abstractions, systems, architecture or infrastructure. We believe this approach, searching for simplicity in complex things, lies at the heart of problem solving.We’re looking for an experienced Software Engineer to join our team and help us solve problems.Note: While more than half of our company is remote, our product team is entirely based in Australia, so while this is a remote role, we are only interested in applicants based in Australia and New Zealand. Engineering at Qwilr means: Building the features of the Qwilr apps, as well as the systems and infrastructure that powers them. Participate in and provide feedback on code reviews for other Qwilr engineers. We love code review because it sharpens our reasoning and grows our shared knowledge. Ponder, discuss and enumerate different approaches to problems. We are big believers in solving problems early, in discussion, on whiteboards or design documents, before hitting code. The Hard Things... (Which Are Also The Best Things). BreadthQwilr is a large, complex and multi-layered app used by tens of thousands of people conducting millions and millions dollars worth of business. Because we are still a small team, that means a given Qwilr engineer might work on (take a breath): feature building, analytics and data crunching, build systems, Docker and container questions, infrastructure, load and scale questions, caching & CDN questions, headless browsers, low level APIs for our WYSIWYG editor and a lot more (okay, breathe out). We aren’t a group of specialist engineers who own separate domains, we are generalists who form clusters around problems and come up with ways to solve them. To thrive in this environment you need to fundamentally love learning new things, improving where you might have gaps or weaknesses and embrace That Kindergarten Feeling of starting from a low knowledge baseline and figuring things out.We’re a Startup (no, really, we actually are).At Qwilr we’re building something that has no precedent, dealing with tricky technical domains (WYSIWYG ain't easy!), chasing exponential growth and grappling with scarce resources. This is the genuine startup engineering experience. Sometimes that means making mistakes and that’s OK. In our experience, you'll need humility, independence and a good dose of fortitude. But if you’re the right kind of mind, it’s also the most fun you’ll ever have.We Have A High Bar Of Excellence.Our first principle as a company is “Undeniable Bestness”. We believe in winning our race by being the best, not throughs hacks, bandaids and shortcuts. This means we have a high bar of excellence at the company. For code, product and for people. We care about how expressive that function name is, whether we have boiled things down into the crispest abstractions and whether the pieces of a system fit together, as naturally as Lego. We go back to the drawing board when things aren't right, because we care deeply about the quality of what we produce.High Bar Of Excellence Meets VelocityThere’s an episode of the Simpsons where Homer says: “that’s future me’s problem”.  It's funny in the context of the Simpsons, but less funny in the context of a complex and long-lived codebase. Qwilr engineers have the difficult task of managing tradeoffs between Current Us and Future Us. Respecting and thinking about this tradeoff is part of Qwilr’s second principle as a company: “Velocity With Valour”. And it’s no easy thing to do. But building this muscle and making it part of our daily conversation is what makes us a formidable product team.Engineering Is ConnectedWe are a product driven company. That means that engineering operates very closely with design and product decisions are made in a wide context of concerns around our users and the business. This can be a challenging way to engineer because it means coding doesn’t happen in isolation, but its an incredibly valuable mindset and skill set for engineers to have.The Great ThingsImpactEvery member of Qwilr (engineering or otherwise) is actively encouraged to input and contribute to the direction of the product and the company. We actually have a formal process around The Big Questions at Qwilr called “Group Think”. Ideas can come from any quarter and shape our whole trajectory.Flexibility (aka Be Comfortable & Produce Good Code)Qwilr has no requirements about attire or what time you turn up at the office. Our ethos around issues like these can be summarised as: it's all about productivity. What we care about is that you produce quality code, solve problems well and collaborate well. For some people that means working from home a few days a week. For some people that means sleeping late and working in the night. For some people that means going to the gym in the middle of the day. Whatever it is that makes you comfortable, focused and able to produce great work and collaborate well. Your Life Is Compatible With Qwilr Happy and healthy people can focus, push themselves when it matters and do great work. Exhausted and stressed people do not do good work. Period. Part of Qwilr’s focus on “Undeniable Bestness” is a focus on encouraging employees to be mentally rested, to take leave and to lead fulfilled lives outside of work. We want the best people and we want to keep them. Part of that means ensuring that life is compatible with Qwilr and ideally, enhance one another.  Working With Smart People Who Care About What They Do. We’ve got that list of impressive backgrounds we can reel off (Google, Microsoft, Campaign Monitor, Harvard etc) - but what you really need to know is this: Qwilr is fierce about finding the best people and providing them an environment to flourish. That means we’ve got a team of really smart people, who really care about, and take pride, in what they do.  Our Process - What To Expect. Tell Us Something About Tech: we think part of good engineering is clear communication through code. Function names, variable names, architecture and abstractions are all ways in which you communicate meaning and intention to other engineers. So, the first step in this process is to write us a few short words (see "Apply" at the bottom for details). Meet The Team: if your note resonates with us, you’ll have some initial calls with Dylan (our CEO) and members of the Product team. These will be a informal chats. An opportunity for you to get to know us at a human level, and for us to get to know you.  Technical Vetting: you can read all about our vetting process here.  Think you might be a great fit for our team?  We’d love to hear from you. To apply: Submit your application to http://jobs.qwilr.com/o/software-engineer-remote


Headquarters: San Francisco, CA URL: https://jobs.dock.io/p/344bd96fc876-blockchain-engineer Dock is seeking a blockchain engineer who is passionate about technology, loves code, and capable of taking initiative. Primary Responsibilities: - Develop, build and maintain smart contracts. - Plan and design token mechanics with the team. - Be able to communicate work and contribute to technical documentation. - Help develop architecture and product designThe Ideal Candidate should have: - Experience with Ethereum and generalized blockchain - Experience with architecture and design of blockchain solutions - Working knowledge of cryptographic libraries and concepts- Knowledge of python is strongly preferred - Experience with AWS - 5 years of dev experience and 1+ year of blockchain preferred Company Benefits: - Competitive salary - Token options- Annual company retreat To apply: https://jobs.dock.io/p/344bd96fc876-blockchain-engineer

Firefly Partners

Headquarters: Boulder, CO URL: http://www.fireflypartners.com This is a full-time, remote position. We will only review applications from qualified candidates located and eligible to work in the United States.Firefly is looking for a skilled Full Stack Developer to join our growing team in developing custom WordPress theme and plugin solutions for our clients. The ideal candidate will have a thorough understanding of WordPress development standards, best practices, and object-oriented PHP.Our WordPress themes are not designed around responsive frameworks. We expect developers to have strong HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills with the ability to build UIs to specification, based on final design files, using modern HTML/CSS without the use of responsive frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation.As a Full Stack WordPress Developer, your primary responsibilities will include: Developing and maintaining our clients’ custom WordPress themes and the occasional premium themes Developing and maintaining custom WordPress plugins that often include Salesforce and other third-party API integration Collaborating closely with our development team, designers, and project managers to deliver high-quality solutions to our clients Working to agreed upon development plans and within approved budgets We expect you to have the following skills and expertise: Three or more years of experience in developing and maintaining custom WordPress plugins using object-oriented PHP Understanding of security best practices, including when and how to use WordPress function to validate, sanitize and escape data Three or more years of experience in frontend coding using semantic and well-formed HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Three or more years of experience building or assisting with the maintenance of well-organized, custom WordPress themes that rely heavily on custom fields, custom post types, and well-organized theme functions Implementing plugins when plugins are ideal (and knowing when they aren’t) Adding features/functionality to themes using JavaScript/jQuery Experience working with third-party APIs, including Salesforce Intermediate to advanced knowledge of JavaScript Sass/SCSS Gulp Using Git in a team environment Bonus points for: Experience working in nonprofit software. The majority of our nonprofit work is in Luminate Online, but we also develop in Engaging Networks, Classy, and other platforms that our clients use. Experience with Google Analytics and Tag Manager All candidates must submit a portfolio of past projects with code samples or GitHub/BitBucket links.What We OfferThe starting salary for this positing is high-60s/low-70s depending on experience. Firefly offers a competitive benefits package including:Paid time off including 3 weeks of vacation, 2 weeks of sick time, and 2 personal days annually (pro-rated based on start date) Ability to earn additional paid vacation based on length of employment PPO and HSA healthcare plans with dental and vision options Firefly pays 70% of healthcare premiums for staff and 50% of dependent premiums Employer-paid long-term disability, short-term disability, and life insurance policies Ability to participate in company 401(k) plan 10 company holidays annually Complete office setup to do your best work from your home office Continuing education and training opportunities Firefly Partners is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity in all its forms and aim to create an inclusive culture. Firefly encourages applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, marital status, disability, veteran status, or other status protected by law.We contact candidates about open positions via an HR software tool (BambooHR). Please whitelist notifications@app.bamboohr.com to keep us out of your spam! To apply: If you’re interested in this position, please submit an application with a cover letter and resume here: https://fireflypartners.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=14&source=wwr. Make sure you tell us why you’re the right person for this role and our company. (This part is really important to us!)HTML CSS JavaScript API


Headquarters: Miami, FL URL: https://octopi.co At Octopi, we are looking for a mid-to-senior full-stack developer with experience working on a production Ruby on Rails application to help us build and improve our Terminal Operating System (TOS).The ideal person for this position should be intellectually curious and willing to learn about the shipping and maritime industry. They should have a strong ability to perform deep work: to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task.  Finally, they should be able to make pragmatic decisions while designing and building new features for our product.Technologies: Ruby on Rails Git & Github PostgreSQL Javascript HTML CSS jQuery Backbone JS or Vue.js AWS Responsibilities: Design and build new features for Octopi in Ruby on Rails. Write well-crafted, high-quality, self-documented, and pragmatic code. Work closely with our Customer Success team to help our customers thrive. Always think of ways to improve our application and our customers’ experience. Skills & Requirements: At least 3-4 years of experience developing software professionally. Strong communication skills. Good understanding of SQL and relational databases Experience with Git and Github. Ability to work directly with our customers and to visit cargo port terminals. Willing to visit our offices in Miami, Florida. To apply: Send a resume and a short email explaining why you want to work with us to hello+jobs@cetuslabs.comRuby on Rails PostgreSQL Javascript HTML CSS


Headquarters: Queensland, Australia URL: https://webbernet.com.au We are a fast-growing Australian software company that works with businesses who are looking to implement custom software. Lots of our customers have come from the paper world, so we offer advice and often a technical solution to the challenges they are facing in their business. We handle everything from the design to the development of Ruby on Rails applications and work closely with clients to solve their business challenges.Our Ruby on Rails applications are quite large so we have a large focus on code design and maintainability. We build applications that we love to maintain long into the future! What we’re looking for: We are looking for an experienced Ruby on Rails developer who is comfortable working in the full stack space. Someone who understands we are doing more than just writing code, we are solving a problem for another business. You are comfortable writing clean, modular Ruby on Rails code Comfortable working with a team that doesn't do everything the Rails way, we love working with POROs and the facade pattern. We'd love if you have experience writing SOLID code (and bonus if you follow Sandi Metz!). If you haven’t, we would be happy to train you. You have great written and verbal communication skills Experience working remotely We are looking for someone who can have at least a few hours overlap with AEST business hours (the more the better) What you'll do: Build technical solutions that help our customers run their businesses and make them happy Write unit and integration tests for your code Join our regular CodeDojo meetings where we discuss everything tech with the team (maybe show off something you have learned)  Participate in technical kickoffs with the team, discussing ways we can approach challenges technically Often pair up with other team members and build together What we offer Competitive Salary A friendly team environment Internet allowance available Flexible work environment ( work remotely from home, in a co-working space, or in our office in Australia) Local public holiday leave & annual leave Annual learning allowance for books and courses To apply: Send a resume to applications@webbernet.com.au. Don't forget to include your timezone!Ruby on Rails


Headquarters: New York NY URL: setaris.com We're looking for an experienced Django developer to help us expand our healthcare SaaS application.About Us: We've developed a healthcare SaaS application with an established customer base and are looking to expand the product. The position offers the opportunity to have input on all aspects of a small, growing, and profitable business. On a daily basis we keep in touch via Slack, and we get together several times per year at locations throughout the United States. Qualifications: A strong background with Python and Django Experience with scaling and performance optimization Interest in working with customers and the product team to suggest new features Self-motivated Authorized to work in the United States To apply: Send a resume to jobs-wwr@setaris.com with the subject line "Django Developer"

Bumblebee Enterprises

Headquarters: Remote! URL: http://teambumblebee.com Hey! Welcome to Bumblebee. We are a remote team building several brands. We have loads of ecommerce sites, but no dedicated digital ops person devoted to keeping them running perfectly and looking beautiful. That needs to change! We have all these ecommerce sites. We’re using WordPress + Woocommerce. We all know our way around a website, how to customise a theme and put a landing page together. But we do not have anyone with the skills to make our sites really purr or put out fires when they (inevitably) happen. Right now we’re still getting our tech & dev help from freelancers, but it’s way past time to take it inhouse. We are a distributed team, and this position is remote. So long as you can be there and when we need you, and communicate with people in the GMT + 8 and GMT + 2, we don’t care where you’re based. Who we’re looking for We are looking for a digital & front end dev HERO who will be passionate about identifying, tracking down and annihilating site bugs, keeping our sites purring like kittens and just generally be a hero when shuff goes down and the site has a problem, usually in the middle of a sale. We need you proactively care-take our sites, work with the team, come up with creative solutions and really know what you’re doing to make an ecommerce site perform. We ALSO need you to go into hulk mode when needed. Here’s who you need to be & what you need to have: Knowledge of woocommerce (and wordpress) inside and out. Familiarity with common plugins used with woo, understanding of how woo works (and common problems). OCD level dedication about resolving issues when they strike. If you aren’t talking to us IN CAPS ABOUT THE WEBSITE CRASH you don’t care enough. Right now we are using Flatsome theme – experience with Flatsome or at least ability to get familiar with it and get the best out of it essential. Ability to work with marketing to build landing pages & fiddle around endlessly until those landing pages look perfect on desktop and mobile and will convert well and pay the bills. Ability to go through a website and identify things like images that are rendering badly, sale flashes that aren’t positioned right, pages that are loading slowly, pages that look wrong on mobile, etc and not be satisfied until you have got them tidied up & looking right. Ability to communicate with a remote team including people in GMT +2 (Europe) and GMT + 8 (Asia). This position will go to someone with ecommerce experience, with woocommerce experience, who understands websites from both a technical and marketing perspective and who is fanatical about website performance. Why this position is perfect for you We are remote. We are fun. We have been around 7 years, and will you give you a stable, long-term position so you can do what you do best and have a great life. Our products help people (really!) and we are nice. If you feel like you fit the bill, hit apply. Good luck! To apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeajqqy2dMeV8tG2Urpa0Bvn-dnIGoInYtjj9-eSYhS-Evbgw/viewform


Headquarters: Houston, TX URL: http://www.highereducation.com/ *NOTE: To be considered for a remote position, you need to be based in the U.S. at this time.*We need a developer with a solid understand of modern front end technologies and most importantly, the ability to work as part of a team.Your primary responsibility will be helping maintain our ecosystem of websites. This involves building pages from scratch based on Illustrator or Sketch designs and making modifications to our WordPress sites. Lately we have been moving towards utilizing static site generators so interest and experience in those will be valued.Your HTML5 & CSS3 skills will shine as you show off optimization and code quality when resolving bugs and issues when they come up. You'll also work at designing and developing better user experiences and measuring the effect on those through A/B tests.We practice good coding standards, we build for the future, and we don't believe in cowboy coding or working in a bubble. We're looking for thinkers ... with talent. We don’t need employees.What you'll be doing day-to-day Writing code with a focus on performance, speedy page load times, improving conversion rates Building sites and implementing redesigns, designed in Illustrator/Sketch, on our WordPress or static based sites Coding features for our sites (both through WP Themes and not) using HTML5/CSS/PHP/JS Designing and developing better user experiences and measuring the effect on those through A/B tests Future-proofing our sites with maintenance fixes, updating features, and rolling out responsive, mobile-friendly platforms Conversing, committing, and delivering via Asana/Slack/GitHub/email (in whatever order that is) Exploring new technologies/tools for finding solutions to new (and old) problems Optimizing conversions with A/B testing and Visual Website Optimizer and Google Optimize (yep ... important enough to list here and not with the Pluses below) Application Architecture (things you'll HAVE to know) Experience with static site generators like Jekyll, Gatsby, or Hugo Fundamental PHP experience especially as it relates to maintaining WordPress themes and websites Semantic HTML Sass, Bourbon, etc. (or other CSS pre-processor) CSS Frameworks (Bourbon/Neat, Bootstrap, Foundation, etc... we roll our own, btw) JavaScript & jQuery skills Experience with build and package management tools like Gulp, Grunt, NPM, Bower, etc Structured Data (gotta satisfy the Googles) Advanced understanding of all the cool buzzwords... SEO, Web-standards, accessibility and usability concepts, information architecture, UX & UI design (heavy on the UX) Good communication skills & a great can-do attitude (We’re totally serious about this one.) A GitHub account or experience with other version control (SVN, CVS, etc. ... but git/gh is where it's at) Tech Stackhtml5, css3, javascript, jquery, php, wordpress, git, github, node.js, angular, react, vagrant, npm, bower, bundler, headless, gulp, sass, composer, json, static site generators, jamstack, jekyll, hugo, go, ruby, algoliaPluses Chris Coyier is a hero of yours. You’ve hosted a website with Netlify, Forestry, or a similar service You have converted a WordPress website to Jekyll, Hugo or another static site You know the entire CanIUse library inside and out. You want to teach as much as learn. You have a pixel-perfect design eye with Photoshop/Illustrator or Sketch skills to match. It’s going to come in super-handy. You read sites like SmashingMagazine.com and actually put tutorials into practice. You’ve attended a WordCamp, Meetup, or other industry conference. Human Environment Centrally located in downtown Houston, free employee parking Coed work environment, casual dress Cool office perks (free sodas/Topo Chico/coffee, snacks, etc.) Generous salary considerations & full benefits What We ValueWe love to work as a team but office hours are flexible. Producing is more important than meeting a "9 to 5" schedule. We understand there are moments when you need to isolate yourself to concentrate so working from home is permitted and encouraged. We like to have a good time and minimize stress with good in-office coffee, lounge/reading time and regular happy hours. We work hard and meet realistic deadlines. What good is delivering a poor product early?HigherEducation.com builds sites that attract more than 15,000 online student enrollments annually for our university partners.Perks 401K (up to 6% matched) Medical, dental, and vision is covered by HigherEducation.com for the employee Health Savings Account (HSA) and Federal Spending Account (FSA) available Parking/Public transportation (depending office location) Paid Time Off Gym-membership reimbursement flexible schedule opportunities to work remotely To apply: Fill out the form & attach your résumé here: https://goo.gl/forms/dG4iUxe2cgxYzjLI2HTML5 CSS3 CSS HTML JavaScript


Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA URL: https://hire.withgoogle.com/public/jobs/oddballio/view/P_AAAAAADAAADDv2XrqwXVnJ Oddball believes that the best products are built when engineers understand and value the things they are working on. We value learning and growth and the ability to make a big impact at a small company. We are looking for an experienced developer to help improve an existing mobile application codebase. The application is fully built out, most of this project work is around adding some extra touches for 508 Accessibility compliance.Our engineering team is small, distributed, and largely asynchronous. We value a calm, collected environment where you can focus on doing great work. Aside from a couple of weekly check-ins or project updates, you'll be able to work interruption-free.You can expect top-of-the-market pay, flexible hours, and a balanced work week. We are a fully remote team.REQUIREMENTS 3+ years of software development experience Ability to effectively articulate technical challenges and solutions Strong design and coding skills (Android Java) Android mobile development work experience Passion for operational excellence Strong communicator and fluent in English with excellent written and verbal communication skills. Knowledge about the Lean Startup and Agile Methodologies Proven ability to create/contribute to robust commercial applications. Exceptional time management skills. Attention to detail and commitment to quality. Security conscious. Successful track record of working remotely. This position is a 1 month contract role, starting August 1st, 2018. To apply: Please apply on our job site to the posting directly: https://oddball.io/jobsJava


Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA URL: https://hire.withgoogle.com/public/jobs/oddballio/view/P_AAAAAADAAADK0X5KWwb5Ns Oddball believes that the best products are built when engineers understand and value the things they are working on. We value learning and growth and the ability to make a big impact at a small company. We are looking for an experienced developer to help improve an existing mobile application codebase. The application is fully built out, most of this project work is around adding some extra touches for 508 Accessibility compliance.Our engineering team is small, distributed, and largely asynchronous. We value a calm, collected environment where you can focus on doing great work. Aside from a couple of weekly check-ins or project updates, you'll be able to work interruption-free.You can expect top-of-the-market pay, flexible hours, and a balanced work week. We are a fully remote team.REQUIREMENTS 3+ years of software development experience Ability to effectively articulate technical challenges and solutions Strong design and coding skills (Android Java) Android mobile development work experience Passion for operational excellence Strong communicator and fluent in English with excellent written and verbal communication skills. Knowledge about the Lean Startup and Agile Methodologies Proven ability to create/contribute to robust commercial applications. Exceptional time management skills. Attention to detail and commitment to quality. Security conscious. Successful track record of working remotely. This position is a 1 month contract role, starting August 1st, 2018. To apply: Please apply to the job posting on https://oddball.io/jobsJava


Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA URL: https://hire.withgoogle.com/public/jobs/oddballio/view/P_AAAAAADAAADGbHWG61fIfl Oddball believes that the best products are built when engineers understand and value the things they are working on. We value learning and growth and the ability to make a big impact at a small company. Work life balance is important to us, and not something we just pay lip service to. We believe that we can make big changes happen and improve the daily lives of millions of people by bringing quality software to the federal space.We are looking for an experienced developer to help improve and build out a complex react + redux application that interfaces with a rails backendOur engineering team is small, distributed, and largely asynchronous. We value a calm, collected environment where you can focus on doing great work. Aside from a couple of weekly check-ins or project updates, you'll be able to work interruption-free.You can expect top-of-the-market pay, flexible hours, and a balanced work week. We are a mixed remote and in office team, you're welcome to work out of our sunny Los Angeles office as much as you'd like.What you'll be doingWorking hand in hand with other engineers in building out interfaces that match designs. These interfaces consume and create data from a rails backend. Your input will help drive the direction and format of data endpoints and your day to day efforts will include communicating architecture choices to other team members. You will also help with mentoring and teaching mid and junior level developers on the same teamWe are looking for someone with the following skill set: 4+ years experience working with Javascript, HTML, CSS Deep thorough experience with a front end JS framework (preferably React) A solid understand of API design and how backend systems work (bonus if has used Rails) The ability to write code that is a pleasure for other engineers to read and understand easily The ability to mentor and help mid and junior level developers Understand and describe how application state changes over time. The ability to speak and write in terms that non-developers can understand clearly, whether it be in a conference call, blog post or support email Must be located within the USThis is a salaried role. Oddball does offer tech, and a continuing education stipend. To apply: Please apply to our job posting directly, on our website https://oddball.io/jobsreact Javascript HTML CSS API

iPhone Photography School

Headquarters: Riga, Latvia URL: https://iPhonePhotographySchool.com/developer?utm_source=weworkremotely Attention Senior Backend Developers: "Skyrocket Your Career As A Developer In The Dream Work Environment - By Joining This Leading Online Photography Resource!"You’ve finally found it… The perfect work environment to skyrocket your career as a developer. If you’re a talented, experienced and ambitious backend developer, then this page could literally change your life!But only if you keep reading.iPhone Photography School is the world’s no. 1 online photography resource. To stay at the top, we need to be excellent at everything we do, including development.On the surface, our development needs look simple, but there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes. In fact, our business is built upon complex development solutions that we’ve created from scratch. Right now, we’re looking to expand our team with the best people so we can achieve even more. To attract the most capable developers like you, we’ve created the dream work environment for building your career. 8 Reasons To Build Your Career As A Developer At iPhone Photography School 1. Solve Interesting Problems Most of our development solutions are built from scratch and are customized to our needs.This includes our payment and upsell system, our online learning platform and iOS app, and our proprietary algorithms that decide how millions of dollars are spent on Facebook ads. We have an AWS server set-up with load balancers, we use Docker and Circle CI for continuous integration, and we’ve got automated testing for everything. The point is, you’ll never be bored working here. 2. Work With A Clean Codebase Tell me if this sounds familiar to you: a nice piece of code you’re trying to push seems to be breaking a different part of the system. As you open the problematic code, the first words you utter are “Who the **** wrote this?” We don’t work like that. We spent all of 2017 to clean up our codebase and rarely will you find better kept code. If we touch one part of the system, we make sure it still integrates perfectly with the rest. This long-term approach saves you a lot of frustration and lets you focus on the problem at hand. 3. Endless Opportunities To Grow You love being a developer because you experience growth every single day. Each completed task comes with an exciting feeling that you’ve learned something new. This rush makes you want to jump on the next assignment and continue growing. We get how important growth is for developers. Want to master a new framework, tool or expand your skill set (e.g., learn about AI and deep learning)? Find the appropriate online course and we’ll pay for it.  Want to use your new skills for real life solutions? We’ll encourage you to do it. 4. Get Expert Guidance Our developers are ninjas. But we don’t expect them to know everything. Even the best developers sometimes need expert help to complete the most challenging tasks. If there’s something outside of our team’s comfort zone, we provide them with experienced mentors in the particular area. Besides that, you can always get help from other people on the team. They know how to achieve almost anything with code. Join our team, and you’ll get guidance from the top experts in the business. 5. Stay In Control Over Your Own Time Have you ever experienced this situation: your boss angrily asks you about a feature that had to be launched already… while you had no clue it was a priority?You abandon all other tasks and end up working late in the evening to ship the feature – only for a new urgency to come up the next the day… And this cycle repeats itself again and again. We do things a little differently. Because we use the scrum methodology, our developers know everything they’ll have to do in any given week in advance. And we stick to our plans. This means you can schedule your time however you want, as long as you get the job done. 6. Work From Anywhere In The World We understand that the best developers like to work on their own terms. So you can do this job from anywhere in the world – including your home, our office in Latvia, or any paradise location!  If the initial collaboration turns out to be successful, our company will pay for a week-long trip to Latvia where you’ll meet the rest of our team and get acquainted with our company culture. 7. Stability You Can Count On Most startups have huge ambitions - and little or no revenue. If you’ve spent months or years of your life in an exciting new company that never really takes off, you already know how frustrating that can be.  Rather than burning investor money, iPhone Photography School is highly profitable and our growth is funded from our own revenue. We had explosive growth last year, and we will 2X our business again in the next 12 months. You don’t have to worry about the company running out of money. 8. Millions Of People Will Use Your Code Helping others is one of the most rewarding things you can do in life. While this is something that everyone should practice in their daily life, you can also do it while earning a living.During the last 30 days alone our website has been visited by 2,063,297 different people, and this number is increasing rapidly as our impact continues to grow. Your work will help millions of people take better photos and capture the beauty of the world. Here’s What We Expect From You…    You’re excellent at PHP    You’ve worked with Laravel, Rest APIs and LEMP    You’ve worked as a full-time developer for at least 3 years    You have a proven track record in building reliable IT systems    You want to participate in scrum teamwork    You have an excellent attention to detail Please only apply if you meet all these criteria. Other applications will not be considered. Apply Here: https://iPhonePhotographySchool.com/developer?utm_source=weworkremotely If you delay submitting your application, someone else will be hired before you. To apply: Apply here: https://iPhonePhotographySchool.com/developer?utm_source=weworkremotely


Headquarters: Boulder, CO URL: TeamSnap.com TeamSnap is an award-winning mobile and web service for managing recreational and competitive sports teams and groups. With almost 20 million enthusiastic customers in 195 countries, TeamSnap has quickly become one of the fastest-growing team and group management solutions on the planet.We are looking for fun people with big ideas and tiny egos who do great work. We hire awesome people, give them the tools to achieve great things and provide strong two-way communication so everyone can grow in their roles and find passion in their work. We strive for long-term, committed employees who feel strong ownership of the company, culture and product.TeamSnap is seeking a Platform Developer to help us continue our impressive growth. You should be self-directed and able to juggle multiple balls without dropping any of them. There are no sacred cows at TeamSnap. No matter what your “job” is, you’re welcome to suggest better ways of doing anything. We are all owners. Everyone has a stake in the company.What You’ll Be DoingYou will be focused on enhancing, refactoring, and maintaining the TeamSnap Platform (web, API, services, functions, et cetera) which serves over 20 million users. You will work with us as we build additional features, functionality, services, and applications to continue our rapid growth. You’re willing to help out anywhere your talents are required, including occasional customer support and on-call duties, staying in touch with our internal and external customers' needs.Some things that are pretty important to us We're looking for a person with a naturally curious and passionate engineering mind who was taking apart their parents’ VCR, DVD player, toaster, (you get the idea) when they were a kid, and who has been tinkering ever since. If you're someone who loves to learn, is down to earth, super positive, likes to mentor others, is a good communicator, not afraid to jump in or ask questions and is always involved in side projects in addition to whatever paid work you're doing, then this is the right role for you. 3+ years experience building scalable web applications and services. We're looking for "T-shaped" developers. You should be an expert in one of Ruby, Elixir, or JavaScript and have functional knowledge of the others. Significant experience with frameworks and libraries surrounding your areas of expertise such as Rails, Phoenix, or Node.js Adaptability to learn and extend custom frameworks. We have massive scale and often are building new technology to match our growth requirements. Experience with building APIs or Service Mesh networks. Experience with direct usage of SQL and general database administration knowledge. You can work independently inside a distributed team. Passion for great user experience - we have designers on staff, but we want you to be interested in what makes a great feature for our customers (whether TeamSnap users or other developers). A witty sense of humor. Experience working on an agile team. A customer-focused attitude, with an ability and willingness to work with customers to develop great features as well as diagnose and fix problems. Big ideas and a tiny ego. Tiny Eggo™ optional. We’ll accept waffles of any size. But no pancakes. A "Test First" attitude and experience writing automated tests using a tdd, bdd, or whatever *dd methodology you jive with. Experience with automated build and deployment systems. Experience with git or Github as a version control tool. A willingness to travel to other parts of the country, on average once a quarter, for all company gatherings, team meetings, conferences, and the like. A strong computer science background. Other things that would be nice to have: Involvement in youth or adult recreational sports, as a player, parent or coach. We’d love for you to experience firsthand how our customers use our product and how it could be improved. Creating and deploying services and applications within a PaaS or Service Mesh. Experience working as part of a distributed team. Free Superbowl tickets for all your co-workers (hey, we can dream). Experience with Docker-based development environments and Kubernetes-based production environments. Why TeamSnap? This is a unique opportunity for an ambitious, innovative professional to join a revolutionary, award-winning company that has been named Outside Magazine’s Best Places To Work since 2016. Our culture is based around trust and empowerment. Work with an energetic, rapidly-growing organization as we continue our quest to hire the best and brightest. TeamSnap is a fun product – you’ll have fans. We’re not a fly-by-night startup. We’re an established player in a massive market. We have a proven revenue model, an experienced management team, solid funding and a strong plan moving forward. Benefits and Perks We offer competitive benefits, lots of opportunity to develop professionally, and the ability to demonstrate what you can achieve. TeamSnap is still small enough that your actions will help drive our success. Location This position is remote, unless are within driving distance of our Boulder office. Our company is 70% distributed and we value people who excel at working and communicating remotely. Diversity and Inclusion TeamSnap is a company built around trust, kindness and collaboration, where diverse backgrounds, experiences and beliefs are celebrated and valued. This is a place where everybody belongs.If you’re looking for an opportunity to show off the very best of your skills, in an environment of trust, respect and flexibility, this might very well be the best job you ever have. We’re passionate about helping our customers spend less time organizing and more time playing.P.S. We highly recommend that you sign up for a free trial of TeamSnap to learn more about the web and mobile applications. If you'd like us to extend the trial beyond 21 days, just let us know. To apply: Apply at https://teamsnap.applytojob.com/apply/63mJ9lwpzQ/Platform-Developer?source=weworkremotelyAPI Ruby JavaScript Node.js SQL

Verve Wine

Headquarters: New York URL: https://www.vervewine.com We’re looking for a full-stack developer to join our growing digital team. Our engineering, product and design teams work closely together to prototype and implement product features and capabilities aligned with business strategy. This is a small but highly collaborative team of folks who deliberate about and share ideas openly, with a ‘screw it, let’s do it’ attitude. What you’ll be doing Develop the backend and admin interface of our e-commerce application, with possible work on the front-end from time to time QA new code through integration, staging and production environments; deploy thoroughly tested code through a CI/CD service, with all tests passing before anything is released Provide and support the implementation of business solutions We are a distributed team with people in the US and European time zones so most of our communication is done on Slack. This is a small team so your work will have a lot of impact! Ideal Candidates Ability to work effectively both with a team and independently; willingness to step in to share knowledge and help others Embody strong problem-solving skills; a detail-oriented and creative thinker who is able to communicate clearly, as well as give and receive constructive feedback Requirements Languages: Ruby 2.3+, ES6+, HTML5 and CSS3 At least 3 years of professional experience with Ruby on Rails and React Automated tests: We have a full suite of unit and integration tests written in RSpec Version Control: Our projects are hosted on GitHub Databases: Good knowledge of databases, PostgreSQL is a plus OS: Familiarity with Linux is a must Bonus points: having written code that deals with unreliable external services; experience with Docker, ElasticSearch, ActiveAdmin; SEO and Google Analytics To apply: Send a resume to ivan@vervewine.com or apply at https://www.vervewine.com/careers/9/Full-Stack%20DeveloperRuby HTML5 CSS3 Ruby on Rails React


Headquarters: New York URL: https://clevertech.biz/careers To get a sense of the vibe at Clevertech, check out our latest video. We are committed to sharing how we actually work through more videos and blogs posts: Clevertech Culture Video  JOB DESCRIPTION: Clevertech is looking for a Tech Lead to join our worldwide team. At Clevertech the tech lead is responsible for the entire project from coordinating with the client to managing the 3-6 developers, designers and devops assigned to the project.Do you have the maturity, flexibility and enthusiasm to run a sophisticated project from development to production for application that effect millions of people's lives?You set the mood on the team. Not only internally but also with our clients. You get excited about getting the best out of team member and have demonstrated successful product launches.REQUIREMENTS: 7+ years of experience in software development teams. New tools are great, but fundamentals of data structures, design patterns, and programming practices are what deliver projects. Has led a product meeting that has technical implications with Fortune 500 executives sitting around a conference room table Deep knowledge of Javascript and can pick up a new language easily if required Must have accomplishments that showcase your capabilities. Excellent self-starter who collaborates effectively with all stakeholders, and has the ability to work in a fast-paced team. BENEFITS Own Your Time We are a completely remote team. That means we have a large amount of trust and a lot of flexibility. World travellers, young parents, nature lovers, and commute avoiders love working here. We also will pay for a co-working space in case you feel like working outside of your normal setting. Recharge Time We insist that you take recharge time. We are closed for major holidays and then require that you take at least two weeks a year to refresh. Care For Yourself You’ll receive a health/wellness monthly stipend that goes towards covering medical insurance, dental insurance, or joining a gym! Focused Work You will work together on a dedicated team with your eye on one finish line at a time. Our teams are nimble and agile, and cover the technical range you would expect in world class product delivery teams. Learn at your edges We believe in learning and provide unique programs that improve your tech skills, leadership skills and even challenge you in personal development. CleverFridays, guest speakers, mentorship opportunities and in-depth industry exposure are all on offer here.And of course, if you speak at a tech conference, we cover all expenses. Clevertech Swag And keep your eye on the mail - we send out swag everywhere in the world and there are celebratory pictures of Clevertech socks, hoodies, and mugs all over slack.Want to learn more about Clevertech and the team? Check out why.clevertech.biz. To apply: https://hire.clevertech.biz/job/587cf23957e2b97032a5528dJavascript

In Marketing We Trust

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia URL: https://www.inmarketingwetrust.com.au Do you love working with terabytes of data and complex customer data challenges?Can you turn this data into information, information into beautiful insights and insights into new business decisions?About The RoleSmall team. Big data. Due to In Marketing We Trust’s tremendous growth, we are looking for an experienced Technical Data Analyst / Data Hacker to join our team - to help us and our clients better understand the giant data sets (billions of rows) of business data we have gathered for them.Gathering this data requires building and maintaining specialist programs, so development skills are necessary.At a more granular level our work involves: Writing quick and dirty programs to join and transform data or connect to data provider APIs Writing slightly less quick and dirty programs to gather data on an ongoing basis Ad hoc analysis of data using SQL (MySQL and Redshift) Analysis of data for client presentations using BI tools (particularly Yellowfin) Maintaining Linux servers running on EC2 Moving data between EC2, S3 and Redshift using AWS tools RequirementsHere Is What You Need To Succeed: Proven work experience as a technical data analyst (3-5 years) Good programming skills. Java preferred. Strong SQL skills Experience with BI tools (e.g. Tableau, Qlik or Yellowfin) Comfortable working on the Linux command line Comfortable presenting findings to stakeholders Some SEO knowledge would be great What We Offer You A highly collaborative remote working environment, where teamwork is championed, and ideas shared - you will be someone who is unafraid of contributing ideas and happy to work as part of a remote team and in exchange for your hard work, we can give you an unique opportunity to shape and contribute to a flourishing business to achieve your lifestyle goals. To apply: If you can see yourself in this freelance role and feel you can add to the ongoing success of In Marketing We Trust, then apply now via: https://www.inmarketingwetrust.com.au/about/careers/.SQL MySQL Java

Skedda Bookings

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia & Munich, Germany URL: https://www.skedda.com Skedda is looking for a remote full-stack web developer to join our talented team.The position is fully-remote but you'll need to be in a timezone within a few hours of UTC (eg. United Kingdom, mainland Europe)  The life of a Skedda dev Variety: Enjoy the challenge of having diverse responsibilities in a small team. Work across the full stack, from client-side development to the application of data-mining algorithms on our persistence layer. Impact: Your work will be seen and used by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. Cutting-edge tech: Take joy in developing with the latest standards, frameworks and tooling. Keywords: Ember.js 3.x, Bootstrap 4.x, Font Awesome 5.x, ASP.NET Core 2.x, Azure. No nonsense: Work directly with our lead developer and co-founder based in Europe. Test-driven mentality: Ship quality code that’s been thoroughly tested over all layers of the stack. Flexibility: Enjoy the benefits of remote work, malleable hours and modern tools for communicating with the team. Playing rulesWe'll start with a relaxed part-time trial arrangement for some months while we get to know each other, then move to a full-time contract if both sides are feeling the love.Salary$60k - $80k USD per annum (dependent on skill and experience.) About usSkedda is a cloud-based, business-to-business SaaS platform for managing bookings for “spaces” at venues. It is used by a wide spectrum of organisations to enable self-service bookings for their rooms, studios, halls, courts or any other kind of “space”. It’s truly an international product, with active customers in over 2000 cities globally.We are 100% bootstrapped, profitable, and growing. We (the founders) build and run the product, and we’re dedicated to improving it on a daily basis.We'd love you to join the team! About youYou can present convincing evidence of full-stack web development experience. You make mistakes and learn fast. You like small teams. You’re curious. You’re not afraid to ask questions. You pay attention to detail. You want to make a difference in the real world. You’re self-driven. You follow your intuition and sync when needed. To apply: To apply head to: https://skedda-application.paperform.coEmber


Headquarters: Germany Instana is looking for technical product managers to join us in defining the future of performance management of modern technologies. As a part of a small team at a quickly growing startup, the role encompasses developing not just the vision and strategy, but to define, execute and deliver product.What you will work on: Develop and own the product vision, strategy and roadmap for a product area Collect, manage and define product requirements closely with key customers Set goals and manage a product team capable of delivering against them What we’re looking for: Deep technical experience Passion to translate customer/market needs into solutions Track record of successful product delivery Ability to work closely with design and engineering What we offer: Autonomy to do great things and a path to manage your own team A driven and global team that works together to deliver great product Fast-paced and high growth startup environment Most of our product team is based in Europe, so we look for 5+ hours overlap in working hours.Sound interesting? We’d love to hear from you!Keywords: Distributed Tracing, Kubernetes, Docker, Container, Cloud, Infrastructure, Application Monitoring To apply: https://instana.breezy.hr/p/53c754499f7d-technical-product-manager


Headquarters: Los Angeles URL: https://citrusbyte.com Citrusbyte is a software consultancy that believes in simplicity as a core priority in software design. We build custom systems for both startups and enterprises - You can see our portfolio for more information about our clients.We have offices in Los Angeles and New York, but we work remotely with people from all around the world.Our engineers have experience in a consultative environment, excellent communication skills and a desire to work with talented teams building innovative products. We work closely with our clients, sharing our experience and processes to help them define and create their products.We are looking for experienced backend engineers with experience building service-oriented architectures, using tools like Kafka and RabbitMQ and having experience with languages such as Java, Ruby, Elixir, Go, JavaScript. Job Requirements: Proficient in Ruby or Java and at least one other programming language. Proficient with Kafka. Experience building service-oriented architectures. Experience as a software consultant. Experience working remotely in a distributed company Open-minded and demonstrates a passion for continuous learning. Smart, gets things done. To apply: You can apply directly at our career page: http://careers.citrusbyte.com/apply/yO2gVYWNF7/Experienced-Microservices-Engineer?source=wwrJava Ruby JavaScript


Headquarters: Millbrae, CA No recruiters or agencies, please.FunnelEnvy is looking for an experienced Lead Integration & API Engineer to accelerate our product development velocity by implementing high quality client and server integrations and API design. You will lead the team on API related development and documentation. Who We’re Looking For The ideal candidate has 5 or more years of experience in working with enterprise scale APIs and integrations. You’re well versed in the fundamentals of software engineering development and can work in a rapid, iterative manner with a cross functional team of engineers.In this role you will be working with our product engineering and solutions engineering team and interfacing with customers periodically. You’ll be responsible for: Analyzing and understanding requirements related to realtime, client side, server-side and batch integrations. Standardizing and reusing integration formats and payloads across many integration types Managing and implementing various authentication mechanisms and challenges. Discovering how to properly use and leverage 3rd party data sources and APIs to benefit the FE Platform. Establishing standardized and well documented APIs and promoting the implementation of full API Test coverage. Becoming a integration and API related knowledge center for the organization and leading the implementation of well defined documentation of API and integration capabilities. Key Competencies to be successful at this role Significant experience in working with 3rd party APIs and batch integrations. Significant experience scaling integration architecture. Excellent knowledge of and deep experience with the Javascript and Typescript language and best practices Experience in the implementation and standardization of a backend API Ability to communicate and influence API implementation best-practices to the rest of the team Experience in securing APIs and enforcing / championing data access best practices Understanding of Agile methodology/iterative development Makes decisions based on evidence Excellent communication skills To apply: Send a resume and cover to engtalent@funnelenvy.comAPI Javascript


Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada URL: https://wildrook.workable.com/ DESCRIPTIONIf you love building awesome web experiences using Angular, we need to talk. We are a new self-funded startup that is building a product in the cloud that constantly analyzes infrastructure and data hosted in the public cloud (think Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Platform etc) and evaluates it against a growing library of security controls to detect and report on violations that puts their business at risk.  We have a scalable, decoupled event-driven serveless architecture that allows us to constantly improve on this. Through our automated continuous integration (CI/CD pipeline) we are able to do multiple releases a day, innovating quickly and always improving the product. The pace of innovation, and our ability to adapt quickly to the things we learn is a key aspect of why its so fun to work here. Our team has subject matter expertise in information security and building production-ready backend web services, and we have a history of launching great products and building successful startups. What we don't have (yet) on our team is someone passionate about building client front-ends (SPA) that can consume all our web services and give an experience our customers will love. Is that you?  Play a major role in the visual design and experience of our platform, codenamed 'AuditWolf'. We're looking for a front-end developer who's comfortable with both UI and design, and who's aware of and able to use design to help users comprehend the information we produce. The core of this job is data visualization and helping businesses make sense of the intelligence and security insights our systems provide. They say the world of data analytics is uptight, dry and boring. It lacks joy and personality. You're tasked with changing that. We want customers to use our platform and smile, knowing we have their back. The design of the front-end should lead people responsible for cloud administration towards making better configuration and deployment decisions. We want someone who fully understands and embraces that. You'll be responsible for building the entire visual identity and front-end experience of AuditWolf. REQUIREMENTS What we need from you Proven work experience as a Front-end developers who has designed, managed and shipped real-world products Strong, opinionated design skills Experience making visual sense of large amounts of data (i.e. tables, charts and graphs galore) Experience with JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML and CSS In-depth understanding of the entire web development process (design, development and deployment) Understanding of layout aesthetics Familiarity with browser testing and debugging Self-starter that doesn't require hand-holding Some nice to have's Experience using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and have been exposed to KanBan Experience using Angular 6 and the latest Angular Material Design Responsibilities Stay up-to-date on emerging technologies Use markup languages like HTML to create user-friendly web pages Optimize applications for maximum speed Collaborate with back-end developers and web designers to improve usability Get feedback from, and build solutions for, users and customers Ensure high quality graphic standards and brand consistency BENEFITS Work from anywhere (we're 100% remote) Salary based on experience ($50,000-$100,000) Flexible work hours Full health, vision and dental insurance (or equivalent for your region/country) Annual company meetups Monthly "remote stipend" To apply: Interested applicants can apply online at https://wildrook.workable.com/j/5A9D31E2C2Angular JavaScript HTML CSS

KickBack Rewards Systems

Headquarters: Twin Falls, ID URL: https://careers.kickbacksystems.com/ KRS is hiring a web developer who enjoys working on different components of the stack to fix bugs and add features to our products. The stack you will be working in is PHP, Python, Javascript and MySQL. This is a remote position and we prefer candidates that can have overlap with our timezone, the MST timezone (-0700.)Responsibilities Write PHP, Python, Javascript, and CSS/HTML to fix bugs and add features to our products Work with the scrum team to estimate tickets & deliver features iteratively, sprint by sprint Required Skills and Experience A CS degree is preferred or if self-taught we ask for equivalent professional experience 3+ years of experience as a software developer Excellent written and verbal communication skills Strong in git & experienced with automated testing Experience in a CI/CD environment where your automated tests run with each PR and your code deploys with each git tag. Experience with SPA JS frameworks (React/Angular) as well as MPA frameworks (Django)  About KRSKickBack Rewards Systems is on a mission to make good customers better. KickBack operates America's largest coalition loyalty program called “KickBack Points.” With our software solution and loyalty platform that integrates directly into a merchants point-of-sale system a customer can earn points, valuable rewards and then spend their KickBack points like cash at convenience stores, grocers and major drug chains across the country. If you are looking for a mature and profitable organization that maintains an innovative atmosphere with a stable management team who likes to work hard and work smart we are likely a good fit. To apply: Apply online: https://kickbackpoints.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=32Javascript MySQL CSS HTML React

Course Concierge LLC

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA URL: https://courseconcierge.com/ Hi there,My name’s Kathryn. I work with entrepreneurs Till H. Gross and Edward Druce of Course Concierge. Course Concierge is an online course publishing company that creates industry-leading online courses for NYT best-selling authors, TED speakers and YouTubers with millions of subscribers. Our clients include YouTubers with 100,000,000+ views, one of the most hotly-followed health experts on Instagram, and a coach to NFL athletes, NBA players and U.S. special forces.We’ve run over a dozen launches the past year alone, and we’re doing very well. Check us out here: http://courseconcierge.com For the right person, this is a Dream Opportunity — and dream company.We’re one-year-old and growing, and we’re looking for a second developer to join our team of 12.If you are someone who…- Wants to excel in your career and take pride in active and stimulating work- Is looking for a shot to prove yourself- Gets excited at the prospect of learning a tremendous amount, with fast-paced and varied demands- Has the ability to work within tight deadlines and juggle multiple tasks with poise…this could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.We’re a great company to join. Here’s why…- We’re young (just a year old) and you will be getting in at the ground level- We have an unbelievably engaged team, with world-class people in every department (from video production to research to copywriting and design)- Our clients are fantastic. We only take on a handful and are incredibly selective in who we work with- We’re a remote company and you’ve the freedom to work from anywhere in the US.- We’re going places.This position is the right fit for you if…- You are someone who completely understands how WordPress works at the code level. You have built your own custom themes/plugins and you know how to extend WordPress core. - You understand how REST APIs work and you are comfortable consuming RESTful web services, either via the client (AJAX) or the server (PHP).- You like finding smart and elegant solutions to coding problems, in line with WordPress coding and security best practices. Your code is clean, understandable  and well commented.- You have solid knowledge of PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript/JQuery, CSS. Experience on any kind of front-end framework (i.e. Bootstrap) or Javascript framework (React, Vue) is a plus.- You are competent with version control systems (Git) and having experience with modern web development workflows and tools (Yarn, Gulp, Sass) is a plus.You need to…- Like a big workload and be comfortable working quickly. We like to get a lot done in a day and you will be pushed- Welcome revisions and embrace our perfectionist tendencies (as well as our clients’)- Help us refine our technical processes- Be a clear and capable communicator. As a company we take writing seriously. Great English and attention to detail are essential.- Be someone we love working with! Fit comes first, above everything else for us. If you don’t ‘spark joy’ for the team, no matter how good you are, we won’t take you.Nearly all of our communication is written (we use Basecamp 3 and are big fans of it), but we’d like you to be comfortable getting on the occasional call too.You will be needed for the following…Throughout each project, we have five core needs for development.1. Lay the foundationSetup of a client’s domain and hosting, and integration of a payment gateway, membership plugin, affiliate plugin and email platform.As a team, we consider ourselves ‘mixed online course artists’.Most clients already have websites, hosting and email platforms. Whatever platforms they’re using, we need to be able to get on with them and have them work well together (minimising migrations as much as possible).The one exception to this is we do everything on WordPress.2. Create a stunning email capture pageHere are two examples from some of our clients…https://theweekendwoodworker.com/https://artofcoaching.com/From our design team’s PSDs, everything you create needs to be wonderfully responsive, and no stone (from the thank you page to a nicely formatted confirmation email) left unturned.3. Build a long-form sales pageOur designers make sales pages that are many thousands of words digestible and enticing to read. We need you to do their work justice.4. Creation of membership areaPick a favourite WordPress membership plugin and create a layout that houses a course with clear and simple navigation.We always look to enhance the user experience for clients’ customers and deliver the best learning environment possible.5. Checkout pageMaking sure payments are taken, membership entitlements are correct and segments are created in a newsletter platform for buyers.You know where we can get free SSLs and best practices for security.*The position will start at 20-25 hours per week, with a view to becoming near enough full-time in a matter of months. Pay will be set at a competitive hourly rate, fixed.To apply… Please write back with ONE example of a responsive page you have coded, along with a brief pitch on why you think you’d be a great fit. Do not send more than one link or your entry will be disqualified.Also, please do not send a resume, CV or attachment of any kind. We don’t care where you went to college (or that you even went at all) — all that matters is whether you can do it.We won’t be able to get back to everyone, but for those who stand out, we will send a list of interview questions in writing, then, for the few we like best, set up a brief call to discuss the opportunity. The deadline for submissions is June 10, though those who apply sooner have an advantage. We will pick two candidates from interviews to begin a paid two-week trial (to assess on-the-job performance and cultural fit). One person will then be chosen for the ongoing role.Thank you for reading. Best of luck, and I look forward to hearing from you!Kathryn To apply: Please write to kathryn@courseconcierge.com with ONE example of a responsive page you have coded, along with a brief pitch on why you think you’d be a great fit. Do not send more than one link or your entry will be disqualified. Also, please do not send a resume, CV or attachment of any kind. We don’t care where you went to college (or that you even went at all) — all that matters is whether you can do it. We won’t be able to get back to everyone, but for those who stand out, we will send a list of interview questions in writing, then, for the few we like best, set up a brief call to discuss the opportunity. The deadline for submissions is June 10, though those who apply sooner have an advantage. We will pick two candidates from interviews to begin a paid two-week trial (to assess on-the-job performance and cultural fit). One person will then be chosen for the ongoing role. Thank you for reading. Best of luck, and I look forward to hearing from you! KathrynMySQL HTML Javascript CSS React

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